A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


AKA creepyface 5

One day you decide you wanna have a nice stroll to the creepyface 3 maze remembering you kinda pressed a button and then the maze went bye bye, Lets see how the place is doing, you go in and look around and its pretty abandoned and the walls are just powder on each other being supported by dirt. You must not be captured by the cursed spirit who lives here, but there is no way out after making your decision...


You better be ready because in this update I added BUG FIXES! oh yeah and an entirely new gamemode called classic mode.

Updated 13 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Apr 02, 2020
AuthorAgent 11
Made withUnity, Audacity, Paint.net
Tags3D, agent-11, creepyface, Horror, Multiplayer, online, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller

Install instructions

Windows: Extract zip and open exe file.

Mac: Extract Zip and open app.

Linux: Extract Zip and right click x86_64 file and click properties, then click mark as executable.


creepyface 5.7 iOS 260 MB
creepyface 5.7.0 Windows 99 MB
creepyface 5.6.1 Windows 80 MB
creepyface 5.6.1 Mac 83 MB
creepyface 5.5 Windows 164 MB
creepyface 5.4 Windows 126 MB
creepyface 5.4 Mac 131 MB
creepyface 5.3 392 MB
creepyface 5.2 382 MB
creepyface 5.1.1 (Happy Birthday Erizur) 329 MB
creepyface 5.0.1 95 MB

Development log


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Hello. Umm... thought I'd let you know about this. It's me , PetruTGP5000 from YT. Remember me? and recently this youtuber by the name of subscriberagent11 has been invading my channel saying weird stuff in Russian. Do you know anything about this person? He is strange. Thanks!

Yeah he has been commenting on my channel too, I'll check it out.

Also which videos has he commented on?

I deleted the comment but it was on this vid. 

He said that my previous stream was shit. :/ He also spammed weird shit on that stream.


Also 2 questions.

1: Who is Kiera?

2: May I be a voice actor in any future game of yours?

Kiera was one of the main character and plot creators for creepyface

And sure! I'm not sure which character you could voice.

Ok then. Notify me if you find a character. :)

I test multiplayer mode and this is so working! it's fixed! how?

Sorry but in 5.7, multiplayer will be removed for 2 reasons

1. Unstability: it may work for you in some cases but while working on 5.7, out of no where it completely stopped working.

2. Underuse: did anybody even do multiplayer?


if i had friends it would be fun to bring it out to the living room and play multiplayer but i have no friends that like creepyface


oh ok


Creepyface 6 Is Confirmed?



Enough with the creepyface games, this is the last one.


How do you know?

well i stand up for kitodin and say you said "No. Enough with the creepy face games, this is the last one."

(1 edit)

well i stand up for r/wooosh because you missed the joke

nice one

i can't play the game because of the lag

Ok, in 5.3 i'll try to improve performance



Pretty awesome game!

Thanks :D

You're welcome! :D

It gets more postmodern.


Postmodern means what goes after modern, modern means newest. Postmodern lifestyle is what some people believe means believing that everything in life has already been fully discovered and we humans don't need to develop or search anything new.

Usually, that means something very simple, optimistic. Finding joy in simple mspaint paintings instead of wasting time to draw full extremely detailed drawings.

What i mean is that with each game, the creepyface series becomes more of a jokingly simple experience to play and less complex. We still enjoy it as much as we did the first ones, and best ones, but it technically becomes worse and we adapt but still enjoy the game as much as we would enjoy Witcher 3 or Metal Gear Solid or something.

Just came to mind while playing this game lol, unnoticed philosophy behind your games.

Not an insult to the game and series! I like it.

so basically your saying maze is old do something else, ok then, next, creepyface 6: into his stomach? is that good enough? lol

No, haha, i meant to say that the game series gets noticeably more destructed and destroyed with each game. Not a bad thing, just a notice.

(1 edit) (-1)

ok so creepyface 6: in the million dollar maze next?

lol if you say inside his stomach,this is vore



Hi agent 11.its me,hadgold productions.

hello there!